Raising Purgatory

The A-SC blog has been a little quiet lately, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. We're just anti-social. :) Actually the last few months have been fairly productive, and over the coming weeks we'll fill you in on the latest band happenings.

First up: our latest release! On Halloween 2019, we dropped a new single, "Purgatory (Resurrected)", available across the interwebs at this link here: https://song.link/i/1485135164.

Purgatory (Resurrected) single cover. Painting by Patrick H. Neary. Text / border by Greg Guevara.

This song is an exquisitely re-imagined and updated version of an old beloved tune from our 2008 album, Otherwise Bleak eXistence. (You can find the original Purgatory at this link here.) While we're forever proud of the original, the new version really takes it to a whole new level, including significantly enhanced / refined instrumentation, vocals, production, and mastering. Featuring killer beats, haunting voices / lyrics, and what can be described as a "spookydreamy" vibe, Purgatory (Resurrected) is perfect for your Halloween / Day of the Dead playlists, or for whenever you're craving music with a dark and somber yet catchy and dance-worthy electronic groove to it.

For this single, we're also thrilled to include a beautiful piece of cover artwork by our very talented friend Patrick H. Neary. A self-taught artist based in central Virginia, Patrick paints using acrylic on canvas, and the abstract yet evocative style of the selected work was a perfect accompanying image. Greg was also happy to buy the original painting, which is now hanging prominently in his home. Check out more of Patrick's excellent artwork at Quantum Impressions.

Greg with the original Purgatory painting, an acrylic on canvas work by Patrick H. Neary.

And be sure to check out the song! You can stream and/or download it on your favorite digital platform at the following link: https://song.link/i/1485135164. (Also available at our website's music page at this link here, and on our Bandcamp page at this link here.)

Finally, below are the lyrics, in case you want to sing along. Cheers and thanks for listening!



You have to go through hell before you get to heaven 
I’m crawling through there now and I’m barely alive 
Please let me in, I need a rest, I’ll tell you some stories 
Let me crawl inside, I need a place to hide 

Lock the doors, 
Dim the lights, 
Pull the shades down tight 

I won’t bite if you don’t bite, let’s huddle together 
We’ll make it through, I swear it’s true, it’s just for a while 

Take my hand, close your eyes 
Hold your breath, count to ten 
Here they come, with their knives 
They’re gonna feed on your insides 
You can run but you can’t hide 
They’re gonna find you day or night 
Feel your head, swallow your pride 
If you’re not dead you’ll be alright 

The pain is gone, now take a breath, 
and let’s whisper softly 
Tell me you’re afraid and I will tell you the same 

I’ll say 
it’s hard sometimes to be alive 
and we don’t know when the pain will go 
If you’re like me 
you’re always alone 
and clinging to a dangling rope 

So let me in, I’m burning sin 
it may not be pleasant 
But you have to go through hell before you get to heaven

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